Scan Types

At Beacon Thermography we offer several types of scanning in two major categories.  Read on below to learn more. 


Thermography is focused on prevention -- not just of breast health issues, but serves as an early indicator of inflammation and other assymetries that can point to a possible issue to be addressed.  

Specific to breast cancer, though, thermography is particularly useful as that, with consistent annual screenings, it may detect potential issues before they manifest into true health problems, giving you more time to address lifestyle changes and engage in other healing options earlier.  

Mammography doesn’t see “anything” until it’s “something”...
Thermography may see “something” before it’s “anything”!

Pain, Inflammation

Medical Thermal Imaging - the only technology that takes a picture of inflammation and helps locate the source of your pain. This clinical non-invasive scanning procedure can detect many kinds of pain. If you have arthritis, regular headaches, athletic injuries, upper or lower back, neck or unexplained pain, we can help. 

  • Full Body Scan
  • Upper Body Scan
  • Lower Body Scan
  • Thyroid/Digastric/Carotid
  • Hands, Feet and Arms
  • Head and Neck 

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