Dr. Veronique Desaulniers discusses her conquering of breast cancer and how she feels about thermography

This is a section of Dr. Desaulniers' discussion with Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer series.  To see the video and/or read the entire transcript, please click on the post title itself.

Dr. Desaulniers: Well, I’m living proof. And thousands of women around the globe, and hundreds of thousands of people who have healed cancer, in general. We know there is a cure. The cure lies in our food, in detoxifying our body properly, balancing our energy, in dealing with our stress and our emotional wounds, making sure that we don’t have dental toxicities, using food and plants to repair our body. And then staying on top of everything, making sure that you can prevent cancer in the future, because traditional medicine will use certain markers, but they are very, very gross and very ineffective markers. But there are markers like the PHI enzyme, or the Cancer Profile, or the ONCOblot test that can determine cancer when it is only a few million cells in the body instead of a tumor, because it takes five to eight years for a tumor to develop. Thermography is also a great tool to be able to access the physiological changes that are going on in the body. So, yes, there is a cure, and, yes, you can prevent it.

Ty: And if you want to detect it, what you are saying is that there are better detection methods than getting your mammogram. You’re saying thermography is better?

Dr. Desaulniers: Absolutely. Thermography cannot diagnose cancer, but it can detect physiological changes going on in the body. And we know that mammograms, according to a 25-year Canadian study that was just published last year, mammograms are just as effective as a self-breast exam. And mammograms have not decreased breast cancer mortality rate, not even by one percent.